350 Circle of Orboros list

Don’t you think I should get 360 points? I am playing Circle.

Anyway, here we go.

Baldur – 65
Warpwolf – 108
Woldwatcher – 72
Woldwyrd – 53
Shifting Stones – 21
Blackclad Wayfarer – 26
Total = 345

Well, I had some unpainted Circle laying around so I figured why not.  I wanted to try to make a list that had a good deal of synergy so we’ll see how well I do in that respect.  I chose Baldur as my warlock because he seems pretty forgiving.  I haven’t really played many Hordes games so I’ll probably be at a disadvantage for the begining of this challenge until I start getting used to the fury mechanics.  His spell list seems pretty balanced with a lot of options for helping out my own units and I really like his feat as it can’t easily be worked around unlike much of the other Circle abilities (I’m looking at YOU legion.)  A warpwolf was a must for me because I love the model concept and it’s a really flexable beatstick.  At 350 points it will be the only model that will really benefit from Baldur’s “Earth’s Blessing.”  A Woldwatcher, while a solid warbeast (haha, Stone Form) in it’s own right, it’s animus “Vigilance” is where it really shines, lots of cool uses for that.  It’s a good match for Baldur because it’s Fertilizer ability helps him forest walk, and taking elemental constructs with Baldur is a no-brainer anyway.  Speaking of which, let’s throw another one in there, a Woldwyrd.  Another awesome animus, Arcane Killer, is always good to have around.  Imagine a +2str Warpwolf with Arcane Killer trampling a unit of Arcane Shielded Stormblades (just an example Fox, haha.)  The Wyrd’s ranged ability will also be helpful as my list is pretty lacking in that respect.  Shifting Stones are pretty much an auto-include in Circle lists and mine won’t be any different.  21 points for added mobility and healing? yes please.  They’ll also be of great use to the last guy on my list, the Blackclad Wayfarer.  Awesome model, awesome abilities, and an awesome name, (Conor Deorian) he’ll bring me up to solid 345 points.


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