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Cryx v Robot and Friends v Storm Division

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So far my painting stands as such….still dont have banethralls, need to prime the black orgun and a bone jack, paint everything but the skarlock, a deathripper, and the stalker.

As it stands for 500 points I think I have decided what I would like to change. I am going to drop a deathripper and a skarlock as I find that I dont need 2 arc nodes and that the skarlock is slowing me down. So that gives me a total of 150+1(leftovers)+(16+38) = 205 points to add…so first off the deathjack…sorry but thats the way its got to be…51 points remaining…28 for a bloat thrall for the command check and the aoe to kill troopers. 23 points remaining translates into 2 necro techs for 18 and a 5 point scrap thrall…I will be able to heal my bone jacks and imobalize solos or beasts. The deathjack will act as a bone jack and skarlock as it is a spell caster that generates focus.

Game one v Kevin.

Cryx’s speed made this game kind of unfair. I over ran his troops and banethralls killed all the jacks. He got shut down by rengrave and the black orgun freezing them and making them flee although they past an astounding number of command checks.

Game two v Fox

Orgun were amazing and rengrave was great. They shut down a lot of the stormguard keeping them from charging. I got a lucky feat turn and was able to get 4 banethrall charges on the defender killing it. My bone jacks got shut down by the stormsmiths…ive never seen them work like they are supposed to. Goreshade ended up getting the charge on caine killing him. I dont really like GS’s spells. They bore me…nothing really cool or broken…just a lot of hide and be a pussy spells which is not what I want…our second game fox totally shut me down and in combination with terrible dice for me and amazing dice for him he beat me good…killed my whole army and then defender walked over and wacked GS. Ive got some new tactics I am going to try with GS…try to get him kinda up close…very offensive. So far I havent had much luck.


From the Western front: Stormknights of the 16th vs. The Searforge Commission!

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My first battle was against Kevin- I deployed in a pretty standard formation, stormguard spread out in two ranks, Caine and his Defender among them, the Journeyman (I will call him Oswald!) behind, and the stormsmiths off to the side. Kevin deployed opposite me, with his Highshields in a block, Gorten and his Driller nearby, the gunner off to one side, and the Bokur lurking near the highshields. My first turn took me closer and left a nice dent in the Driller (God bless that 9 defense!), but, sadly, the highshields were still alive, Caine’s pistols failing spectacularly to roll even slightly above average. This, as it turns out, was a recurring theme. Nothing spectacular for a while, my Stormguard engaged by the Driller, who ate one or two a turn while getting beaten up in return, his Bokur killed, and my poor Stormsmith splattered by a gunner. When they get in range, Kevin’s Highshields earn their pay by smashing my defender to pieces with a nicely rolled covered fusilade. Gorten pops his feat and manages to pull Caine into melee. Luckily for me, Caine managed to survive a serious beatdown with a measly 3 health left. Not even a crit! Hooray! Naturally, Caine ran with is tail between his legs, healed a few points, and flashed behind some rocks to hide. Another turn later, with Oswald dead and only a few Stormguard remaining, Caine went for the Hail Morrow play and popped his feat, wiping out the last of the Highshields and a nicking Gorten ever so slightly. Four more shots into the smelly dwarf and when the smoke cleared…..

He was still totally alive. Showing Caine how things are really done, a single shot from Gorten’s hand cannon laid Caine low.


I can’t complain about my choices of units, as the Stormguard did admirably and the Defender doing quite well as well, I blame this loss on my poor dice rolls and Kevins troops being hardier than I anticipated. Caine vs. Gorten can be a very one sided fight, since Caine is nigh impossible to pin down, but Gorten very difficult to hurt. Sadly, a single Both Barrels can easily kill Caine, while Caine’s blazing away just dings off Gortens massive armor.

Stay tuned for more, and I’ll be posting some pictures of my Storm Knights soon!

2 week Circle update WITH PICTURES

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Alright! Two weeks have passed and I’m not as far in my painting as I’d like to be but I’m really pleased about my progress so far.  I decided I wanted to paint my circle with a winter theme (perhaps a Sonata Arctica influence haha) but I needed to find a color scheme that works well with snow.  My Cygnar army is already painted in a cold blue/grey scheme so I didn’t want to repeat that either.  I thought about real life examples of people who live in the cold all the time and Eskimos (or rather Inuit tribes) instantly came to mind.  A little google image searching gave me some good pictures to get inspiration from, this one in particular:    Pretty “cool” threads if I do say so myself /shot.  Anyway, I basically tried to impliment this color scheme and some of the patterns into my models.  The only model I have done so far that could exemplify this style would be Baldur (as the Wolds don’t really wear clothes heh.)  I based him off of the woman in the middle, using a lot of browns and white.  The camera I used to take these pictures isn’t that great close up so hopefully you can get the jist of it.

Yup, that’s snow on top of him.  Baldur’s model always seemed pretty static to me so I just picture him moving slowly across the battlefield as snow piles up on his cold metal shoulder pads.  That snow, and the snow on the base was made with a water/white glue/baking soda mixture as outlined on the Brushthralls website ( .) 

The next model I have finished is the Woldwyrd.  This guy was really fun to paint, I might just put more in my 500 pt list for this reason alone haha.  I basically used the speed painting Woldwatcher guide in NQ19 with a little frostbite at the end to make the stone look colder, and although it’s hard to make out in the picture, the “green glow” color that is commonly used on circle models I have changed to a dark red.  How about pictures already.

It’s made of stone and wood so snow be all up ons /shot again.  But I think the snow looks even better on this guy than on Baldur.  I did a little conversion with him too, I wanted to make it look like he was hovering around some rocks and I think it came out pretty well.  I actually pinned for the first time as the Wyrd isn’t attatched to the base save for a little bit of paper clip heh.  But anyway, that’s my progress so far and now that I have my scheme and method down I think the rest of the models will be finished soon.


The Cryx army…

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Goreshade-80 (deathwalker and banethralls)





Black Ogrun +1- 66+19 = 85


349 points.

As you all know I am playing Cryx. It was an army I thought about playing a while back but never bothered to work on. Now I will be playing the Cryx special pirates army cause I didn’t want to press the easy button. I will be fielding NO bilethralls as they make me so fucking angry and I refuse to unleash that upon another person. With that being said I have no problem making peoples lives miserable through other means.

I am looking to play a different style list then I am used to. Instead of a jack list or a real shooty list I will be running board control. I will be looking to lock down other armies through abilities to quickly move in for the kill instead of playing the attrition game and throwing line after line of troops to get through peoples defenses. I am hoping that it wont take me too long to get used to.

BTW Mr. Troll player…I probably have more models painted then you do…the difference is i don’t really care what my shit looks like cause I neither have the patience nor the interest in perfecting the skill. Doing this journal gives me the excuse to play a different army and to try out some lists. The painting part just happens to come with the territory.

Searforge Robot Friends Army

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I am going to start with…


Gorten = 60

Ghordson Driller = 112

Grundback Grunner = 48

Highshields(Full Unit) = 53+32 = 85

Ogrun Bokur = 39


Well first off, this is going to be the Robot Friends army because all the robots in Gortens battlegroup are friends. They have formed a bond of robotic brotherhood through their travels and battles. Ever played Yoshi’s story or seen TMNT ? That’s the level of friendship were talking about here. Undeniable, illogical, fanatical friendship. These robots got each others backs when things get crazy. Therefore… Robot Friends shall be the title of this army/project/challenge thingy.


I’m going to use the palletes from Wall-E as the paint scheme. Since he himself is a role model robot friend and I like the rustic aged industrial robot look, goes good with a rhulic army.


Light warjacks will have Wall-E colors, Heavy’s will have Eve / BnL robots, Highshields will have earth castaway color scheme, Gorton will have a Captain paint scheme, the bokur will have AUTO’s color scheme


Strategy Wise I dont have much flexibility at 350 with a Searforge list. I have also never played Searforge to date. So I started with a mix of models that appears to me to be a well balanced Searforge list. I put the Driller and a Gunner with Gorten this might prove to be a bit of a focus drain, well see. Highshields with Bokur is pretty standard. Highshields shoot things, Bokur Hits things, both get AD things (Bokur by being HS client) everyones happy. That’s about it, havent really meta-gamed that much on this army yet.