Searforge Robot Friends Army

I am going to start with…


Gorten = 60

Ghordson Driller = 112

Grundback Grunner = 48

Highshields(Full Unit) = 53+32 = 85

Ogrun Bokur = 39


Well first off, this is going to be the Robot Friends army because all the robots in Gortens battlegroup are friends. They have formed a bond of robotic brotherhood through their travels and battles. Ever played Yoshi’s story or seen TMNT ? That’s the level of friendship were talking about here. Undeniable, illogical, fanatical friendship. These robots got each others backs when things get crazy. Therefore… Robot Friends shall be the title of this army/project/challenge thingy.


I’m going to use the palletes from Wall-E as the paint scheme. Since he himself is a role model robot friend and I like the rustic aged industrial robot look, goes good with a rhulic army.


Light warjacks will have Wall-E colors, Heavy’s will have Eve / BnL robots, Highshields will have earth castaway color scheme, Gorton will have a Captain paint scheme, the bokur will have AUTO’s color scheme


Strategy Wise I dont have much flexibility at 350 with a Searforge list. I have also never played Searforge to date. So I started with a mix of models that appears to me to be a well balanced Searforge list. I put the Driller and a Gunner with Gorten this might prove to be a bit of a focus drain, well see. Highshields with Bokur is pretty standard. Highshields shoot things, Bokur Hits things, both get AD things (Bokur by being HS client) everyones happy. That’s about it, havent really meta-gamed that much on this army yet.


4 Responses to “Searforge Robot Friends Army”

  1. Zephyr1o2o Says:

    Highshields don’t get advance deploy unfortunately :(.

    Also, your first paragraph is EPIC.

  2. The site is great, keep on the good work!

    BTW can’t wait to see how the Gorten/Wall-E battlegroup will look like.

  3. ectobunnycooler Says:

    that’s true if I’m playing them as mercs, but in searforge contract they get AD which :D. Otherwise I’d definitely be doing five star or something.

  4. zephyr1o2o Says:

    Oh wow, that’s awesome. I never really read the mercenary contract special rules… so I should probably do that before I make a fool of myself again haha.

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