The Cryx army…

Goreshade-80 (deathwalker and banethralls)





Black Ogrun +1- 66+19 = 85


349 points.

As you all know I am playing Cryx. It was an army I thought about playing a while back but never bothered to work on. Now I will be playing the Cryx special pirates army cause I didn’t want to press the easy button. I will be fielding NO bilethralls as they make me so fucking angry and I refuse to unleash that upon another person. With that being said I have no problem making peoples lives miserable through other means.

I am looking to play a different style list then I am used to. Instead of a jack list or a real shooty list I will be running board control. I will be looking to lock down other armies through abilities to quickly move in for the kill instead of playing the attrition game and throwing line after line of troops to get through peoples defenses. I am hoping that it wont take me too long to get used to.

BTW Mr. Troll player…I probably have more models painted then you do…the difference is i don’t really care what my shit looks like cause I neither have the patience nor the interest in perfecting the skill. Doing this journal gives me the excuse to play a different army and to try out some lists. The painting part just happens to come with the territory.


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