From the Western front: Stormknights of the 16th vs. The Searforge Commission!

My first battle was against Kevin- I deployed in a pretty standard formation, stormguard spread out in two ranks, Caine and his Defender among them, the Journeyman (I will call him Oswald!) behind, and the stormsmiths off to the side. Kevin deployed opposite me, with his Highshields in a block, Gorten and his Driller nearby, the gunner off to one side, and the Bokur lurking near the highshields. My first turn took me closer and left a nice dent in the Driller (God bless that 9 defense!), but, sadly, the highshields were still alive, Caine’s pistols failing spectacularly to roll even slightly above average. This, as it turns out, was a recurring theme. Nothing spectacular for a while, my Stormguard engaged by the Driller, who ate one or two a turn while getting beaten up in return, his Bokur killed, and my poor Stormsmith splattered by a gunner. When they get in range, Kevin’s Highshields earn their pay by smashing my defender to pieces with a nicely rolled covered fusilade. Gorten pops his feat and manages to pull Caine into melee. Luckily for me, Caine managed to survive a serious beatdown with a measly 3 health left. Not even a crit! Hooray! Naturally, Caine ran with is tail between his legs, healed a few points, and flashed behind some rocks to hide. Another turn later, with Oswald dead and only a few Stormguard remaining, Caine went for the Hail Morrow play and popped his feat, wiping out the last of the Highshields and a nicking Gorten ever so slightly. Four more shots into the smelly dwarf and when the smoke cleared…..

He was still totally alive. Showing Caine how things are really done, a single shot from Gorten’s hand cannon laid Caine low.


I can’t complain about my choices of units, as the Stormguard did admirably and the Defender doing quite well as well, I blame this loss on my poor dice rolls and Kevins troops being hardier than I anticipated. Caine vs. Gorten can be a very one sided fight, since Caine is nigh impossible to pin down, but Gorten very difficult to hurt. Sadly, a single Both Barrels can easily kill Caine, while Caine’s blazing away just dings off Gortens massive armor.

Stay tuned for more, and I’ll be posting some pictures of my Storm Knights soon!


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