Cryx v Robot and Friends v Storm Division

So far my painting stands as such….still dont have banethralls, need to prime the black orgun and a bone jack, paint everything but the skarlock, a deathripper, and the stalker.

As it stands for 500 points I think I have decided what I would like to change. I am going to drop a deathripper and a skarlock as I find that I dont need 2 arc nodes and that the skarlock is slowing me down. So that gives me a total of 150+1(leftovers)+(16+38) = 205 points to add…so first off the deathjack…sorry but thats the way its got to be…51 points remaining…28 for a bloat thrall for the command check and the aoe to kill troopers. 23 points remaining translates into 2 necro techs for 18 and a 5 point scrap thrall…I will be able to heal my bone jacks and imobalize solos or beasts. The deathjack will act as a bone jack and skarlock as it is a spell caster that generates focus.

Game one v Kevin.

Cryx’s speed made this game kind of unfair. I over ran his troops and banethralls killed all the jacks. He got shut down by rengrave and the black orgun freezing them and making them flee although they past an astounding number of command checks.

Game two v Fox

Orgun were amazing and rengrave was great. They shut down a lot of the stormguard keeping them from charging. I got a lucky feat turn and was able to get 4 banethrall charges on the defender killing it. My bone jacks got shut down by the stormsmiths…ive never seen them work like they are supposed to. Goreshade ended up getting the charge on caine killing him. I dont really like GS’s spells. They bore me…nothing really cool or broken…just a lot of hide and be a pussy spells which is not what I want…our second game fox totally shut me down and in combination with terrible dice for me and amazing dice for him he beat me good…killed my whole army and then defender walked over and wacked GS. Ive got some new tactics I am going to try with GS…try to get him kinda up close…very offensive. So far I havent had much luck.


One Response to “Cryx v Robot and Friends v Storm Division”

  1. So much “shutting down” in this post… maybe you should shut UP!!
    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snap!

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