Robot Friends are go

So its october.

I have things painted, technically my whole army is painted for the September goal. But unfortunately I would only consider my battle group “painted” everything else is a an awful rush job.

<><>Pictures here when I take them<><>

So to offset the lack of images I will talk the talk of battles held in september.

The army did well for being an army I had never used before. It pretty much had a 50/50 win lose streak.  The driller definitely had no place being in a 350 list i think it killed a few infantry one game and held off a charge, but def just not enough big slow stuff on the table for it to hit right now.  The bokur / highshields combo’s worked well. Forge gaurd definitely have to be impleted now that were at 500. The only problem I have is that while theyre very good in melee theyre still not that survivable even with their shield wall.

One thing that I am already beginning to get sick of in the army is that Gorton’s pretty much a one man army. The rest of searforge is pretty much there to get him into position to pop his feat and kill the other caster. I like big crazy games filled with lots of killing.

So when designing my 500 these are things I need to think about

-Army Gets flanked easily

there’s no easy way to solve this problem since everything in searforge is slow. So my solution so far is to have enough cheap searforge infantry all across the field that its physically impossible to be flanked.

-Army cant hit high defense targets without buffs or feat (aka just the feat)

I think the prescription is going to be more bokurs / gudrun

more to come…

also rockbottom, surprisingly worth his points


One Response to “Robot Friends are go”

  1. It’s all about Thor Steinhammer.


    I use him as a flanking force along with an Ogrun, a Rockram and a Blaster.

    His Drive gives the Rockram 7″ of moment, the Blaster 8″ – suddenly you have a decent threat range.

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