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I’m here to kick ass and drink beer, and I’m all out of beer

Posted in Army Lists, Information on February 28, 2011 by schwenckenstein

…So I think I’ll kill you and take yours!

I will be playing trolls for this event as I’ve gotten bored with playing khador and I have painted precisely 3 troll models so far. My initial list will be as follows:

Borka the Kegslayer +5 ( He likes to drink)

Dire Troll Mauler 9 (Its a mauler…thats all I got)

Winter Troll 5 ( Thats right a winter troll, big whoop wanna fight about it?)

Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes 3 (min unit for the moment)

Trollkin Champion Hero 3 (He likes to fight)

So theres my 15 point list, the plan is to windwall my way up to board into melee. Then once I get there I let the famous troll buffs fly and eat you…come to think of it thats really the plan for most troll armies. My armies durability plus Iron Flesh the protective aura and use of the freezer ( for those of your wondering this is why the winter troll is here) should make me pretty damn hard to dislodge from your throat. As long as I can evade all the bullets sure to be thrown at me (min krielstones aura isnt really all that big) I’ll be a terror in melee.

As far as color scheme goes I’ll be painting in the traditional troll color scheme…there isn’t one. That is probably my favorite part about painting my trolls, not being constrained to a color palette is a nice change from my stark white (seriously what madman chooses white as their army color) khador.

…ghost cryx is bitches.


Just consider it a sign of the end times.

Posted in Uncategorized on February 28, 2011 by vorkaash

It’s Scott, and I’m sure every one who knows me is shocked that I would enter a painting league considering I have played miniature games since i was in elementary school and never painted a model. I started painting occasionally last year and only finished two warjacks since then, so this will be a huge increase in output for me. I’m going to go with my first faction, that being Cygnar, since it is also the faction I’ve already painted a few models from to get some practice. For my paint scheme I’m going to be using the pictures in the back of FoW: Cygnar as a reference. To keep the model count down my warcaster is going to be Epic Nemo, since he likes his ‘jacks, with a starting army as follows…

ENemo [+6]

Hammersmith [8]

Charger [4]

Stormsmith [1]

Gunmages and UA [8]

Not an ideal list, but as I plan on using a couple of expensive jacks I need to spread out when the units get painted  so I don’t wind up getting stuck with only one model to paint one month and two dozen models to paint the next. Plus the lone Stormsmith will be good practice before I attempt to paint Nemo. Initially I was tempted to go for his tier list so I could use my half dozen stormsmiths, but I’m not going to buy a second unit of stormguard and a second firefly just for that.

Now I just need to figure out how to get pictures onto this site…

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

Posted in Uncategorized on February 26, 2011 by fragskull


Bustin’ makes me feel good.

Yeah, so enough of that nostalgia trip. Hey everyone, Cryx Drew here (formerly known as Merc Andy). Finally decided to get my buttocks in gear and have a full painted army instead of my “startling silver” scheme. So after a few days of thought and pawing through my toolbox of Cryx models I’ve decided on an interesting theme that will: a) Be easy for a fairly unskilled painter like me to do, b) Be a reasonable and attainable goal, c)  Allow me to have fun with the theme, modeling, and gameplay.

I like to consider myself a Cryx player now, though I’ve had my roots in many Merc armies. So I though decided to settle on a truly Cryxian caster to cement myself in service to Lord Toruk. I recently purchased Wraith Witch Deneghra to almost round out my warcaster collection, so I decided she would be my caster of choice. As for the rest of the army I was curious to just how effective the Wraith Witch’s tier list would be, given its limited options (and its open-ended wording of “Cryx units with Incorporeal” and “Cryx solos with Incorporeal”, another unit/solo of ghosts please). So I decided I would jump head first into her tier list, and perhaps Wrath will provide me with some new and interesting toys down the line (Wraith Engine?).

So my 15 pt. list is as stands:

  • Wraith Witch Deneghra +6
  • Nightmare 10
  • Skarlock 2
  • Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders (min) 6
  • Pistol Wraith 3

List has some potential, but it still has lots of room to grow. Blackbane’s has treated me well in the past, except when faced with magic weapons, but I hope careful deployment and movement will keep them safe in a small game. Pistol Wraiths, can never go wrong with them. Same with the Skarlock, the OG warcaster attachment. For warjacks I was up in the air between a Defiler and Ripjaw or Nightmare. The first option gave me flexibility to engage at a distance, but lacked offensive and staying power. With Nightmare it’s the opposite; better mobility, greater attack potential, more staying power than a bonejack (not saying much, but eh). But with Nightmare it requires Deneghra to be up front, which can be dangerous. But for a woman with firsthand experience with death I think it’s a moot point.

As far as painting goes I am fairly confident I have Deneghra and Nightmare’s scheme down. I was turning over Deneghra’s model in my hands and I off-handedly thought it looked a bit like a torn up wedding dress. And so spawned my theme, the Bride of Cryx. Kinda a whitish coloration for both her and Nightmare. Blackbane’s may remain the bluish fire, but I may lighten up the coats to match the light colors of Deneghra. Same for the Skarlock and Pistol Wraith. The challenge for me I think is effectively pulling off the Incorporeal effect, which is going to be key because I hope to include many more Incorporeal models in the list as it grows.

So there we have it, the great beginning. I look forward to the challenge and the resulting fun. I will post soon the first pictures of the assembled force and its base coats.

The Blindwater Congregation!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 26, 2011 by hoodoostick

Will you testify? Ive been preaching since Gatormen came out during Origins that a Gatorman Warlock for a Minions army would be fantastic. The told me it would NEVER happen…they were wrong. Now I have the perfect opportunity to build up and play a legit Gator army. So bear witness to some of the Blind Water Congregations finest (15):

Calaban (+6)
Bullsnapper x2-6
Min Gatormen-6

I think it is a solid list. Lots of fury for Calaban, the Wrastler can tear up most stuff, the bullsnappers are great for spiney growth, and gatormen are just wonderful at everything but shooting.

I think I know what scheme I want to do. Im thinking a dark brakish green for the scales and some sort of orange for the bellys. I may try and either green stuff or find bits for extra totems and witch doctor mask type stuff to decorate some less voodoo models. Idk wat to do for basing…

I am looking forward to this…I know everyone is a skeptic when it comes to me and painting, but this should give me a good incentive to get back at it. Also I am going to try and add a new painting technique each month to try and go a little beyond paint on model.

So look out, my gators are comin hungry…especially for Fox’s Menites…since what desert folk has ever seen a fucking Gator?

If a Christian is Born Again, are Menites Burned Again?

Posted in Uncategorized on February 26, 2011 by ForsakenPoptart


So, I’ve felt the call of the one true faith, louder and stronger than ever before! I just want to spread the good news about Menoth! The good news is you’re highly flammable!

I’m kicking off with one of my favorite casters, the dame with the flame who’s so hot she’ll melt your heart, and your eyes, and the rest of you- Feora! Specifically, Epic Feora, the Protector of the Flame. I like that she’s fast, she hits hard, and she’s got a lot of fiery tricks to pump her jacks up, clear out infantry, and go in for the kill.

I want to get back into the Protectorate with both feet, so I need a good core to build from, which was my inspiration for starting this project in the first place. To that end, I need to build a solid core of infantry, some good, versatile jacks, and the support staff that the Protectorate is so well known for.

I also have a soft spot for tier lists, and I think Feora’s “Defenders of the Flame” list fits the bill quite nicely- Flameguard of all the different flavors, any non-character jacks I want, choir and mechaniks- everything I’ll need as I build up my forces. I eventually plan to hit at least tier 3, possibly tier 4; that remains to be seen. I’d like to say that I’m pretty excited for the Cleanser UA coming out in April!

As I begin, I’m starting with this list:

Feora; Protector of the Flame

Minimum Choir (4 troopers)
Maximum Flameguard (10 troopers)
Vassal Mechanik solo

I think it’s a good, solid list, able to take on all comers; the Flameguard can be a good, heavy hitting unit that can speedbump just as well, and Feora and her ‘jacks can move quickly to anywhere on the field with Escort, Feora herself can take down a lot of warcasters. The choir and Mechaniks in tow make the Reckoner a frightening prospect that will be very difficult to bring down.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for a color scheme, I’m thinking I’ll be using a lot of deep reds and brass, which I’ve always thought worked well for the Flameguard. I’ll be working some Menoth whites into the mix as well, and possibly a dash of a royal purple; many of the colors used by religious crusaders and holy leaders throughout the centuries. I’ll also be using a mix of my old resin desert bases, and a sand/dry grass basing scheme. They are desert folk, after all.

I’m working on a test model tonight to work out some of the metals; I might post it at some point if I find something I like!

Durgen makes it rain for Highborn

Posted in Uncategorized on February 24, 2011 by Connor

Hey everyone, it’s Connor bringing some Merc love to the painting challenge.

I was originally going to go with a McBain tier list but the number of Highborn models I already had painted seemed like they would’ve gotten in the way (with all the character solos and units.)  That said, I decided I needed to branch out, but not too much.  If I wanted to be able to use the models I painted for this blog with my other casters I would need to stay in the Highborn Covenant contract.  I still wanted to use Thor and a Basher from the McBain list I had planned so I picked up the ‘jack (I already had Thor) and once I got it home and assembled I had found my inspiration.  A cool spherical boiler, big angry feet, and a huge battering ram for a head?  What’s not to love?  I loved the way the thing looked and decided right then that I was going Rhulic.

I like the idea of playing with a Rhulic battlegroup as one of the major weaknesses of Mercenaries as a whole is its less than spectacular damage output.  With dwarf ‘jacks however, I can play my “Khador in disguise” style that I enjoy and keep all the flavor and amusement of a Merc force.  Gorten was a tempting choice but I felt he was a little too predictable and SPD 4, FOC 5 really didn’t sit well with me.  Durgen, on the other hand looks like a lot of fun.  After reading his rules over a couple times it seems like there’s a lot of  cool combos he can set up, especially in a Highborn list, and I always like a caster with a solid ranged attack.

So here’s my proposed 15 point list.

  • Durgen Madhammer +6
  • – Driller -6
  • – Gunner -3
  • Thor Steinhammer -2
  • – Basher -7
  • Dougal Macnaile -2
  • Reinholdt -1

AND I have a picture for you!  I was messing around with some color schemes the other  night and I think I found one I really like.  Don’t worry, I’ll be painting a different Gunner for the actual challenge haha.

Can’t wait to get these guys to the painting table and, more importantly, actually play some games.  Only a few more days to go!

A fresh start with MKII

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On the last episode of the Jackhead Journal- we fell flat on our faces! Everyone got really busy, what with school, jobs, and life in general. Additionally, MK II was just on the horizon, and everyone was getting ready to dig our heads into the sand and hope it just went away.


…fortunately, it didn’t! And I think, for the most part, we like it! Every one of the Jackheads is now fully invested in Mk II, many of us having started branching out into multiple factions, trying different tiers and tactics, and generally enjoying the fresh start that the new rules brought to the game.


So, the discussion came up about a month ago- what about trying a new painting blog? There are several prominent painting blogs out there, but none of them are…well…ours.

Despite wildly different backgrounds, different beliefs, and distances spanning the east coast, we’ve managed to stay a very tightly knit community; this is a point of pride for me, personally- a lot of social groups would have fallen apart a dozen times over in the time we’ve all been friends!


This is a painting, playing, and discussions blog for Warmachine- the game we all love!

The rules are simple-

We begin at 15 points, including a Warcaster. That army must be painted by the end of the month. Next month, we go to 25, and so on through 35, 50, and 75 points. We will discuss going to 100 points along the way, and the decision will be made by the community at some point in the future.

Models should be unpainted at the beginning of the month- cheaters will be mocked mercilessly until they cry.

I’m hoping for 2 to 3 posts a week, be they pictures of your progress, discussions about where to take your army next, battle reports, or whatever you like.

Regarding battle reports- please keep them just to the army you’re using in the blog (so 15 point games the first month, etc.), but by no means are you limited to other players in the blog- we encourage you to go out and get some strange. opponents. Really, though- get out there and pit your army against all kinds of opponents.


Alright, you humps- let’s get this started. March 1st is when painting begins- before you get started, post here- introduce yourself, tell us a little about you, tell us what army you’re playing, what you might do for color schemes, and whatever else you like. Keep in mind, pictures of your army, at some point, are a must, so if you have no access to a camera whatsoever, please use your judgement.


One final note- I’d like to keep this particular league to about 20 people, if at all possible, so, while there’s nothing I can do to stop you from joining (is there?), please use your discretion.


I can’t wait to see what happens!!!