A fresh start with MKII

On the last episode of the Jackhead Journal- we fell flat on our faces! Everyone got really busy, what with school, jobs, and life in general. Additionally, MK II was just on the horizon, and everyone was getting ready to dig our heads into the sand and hope it just went away.


…fortunately, it didn’t! And I think, for the most part, we like it! Every one of the Jackheads is now fully invested in Mk II, many of us having started branching out into multiple factions, trying different tiers and tactics, and generally enjoying the fresh start that the new rules brought to the game.


So, the discussion came up about a month ago- what about trying a new painting blog? There are several prominent painting blogs out there, but none of them are…well…ours.

Despite wildly different backgrounds, different beliefs, and distances spanning the east coast, we’ve managed to stay a very tightly knit community; this is a point of pride for me, personally- a lot of social groups would have fallen apart a dozen times over in the time we’ve all been friends!


This is a painting, playing, and discussions blog for Warmachine- the game we all love!

The rules are simple-

We begin at 15 points, including a Warcaster. That army must be painted by the end of the month. Next month, we go to 25, and so on through 35, 50, and 75 points. We will discuss going to 100 points along the way, and the decision will be made by the community at some point in the future.

Models should be unpainted at the beginning of the month- cheaters will be mocked mercilessly until they cry.

I’m hoping for 2 to 3 posts a week, be they pictures of your progress, discussions about where to take your army next, battle reports, or whatever you like.

Regarding battle reports- please keep them just to the army you’re using in the blog (so 15 point games the first month, etc.), but by no means are you limited to other players in the blog- we encourage you to go out and get some strange. opponents. Really, though- get out there and pit your army against all kinds of opponents.


Alright, you humps- let’s get this started. March 1st is when painting begins- before you get started, post here- introduce yourself, tell us a little about you, tell us what army you’re playing, what you might do for color schemes, and whatever else you like. Keep in mind, pictures of your army, at some point, are a must, so if you have no access to a camera whatsoever, please use your judgement.


One final note- I’d like to keep this particular league to about 20 people, if at all possible, so, while there’s nothing I can do to stop you from joining (is there?), please use your discretion.


I can’t wait to see what happens!!!



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