Durgen makes it rain for Highborn

Hey everyone, it’s Connor bringing some Merc love to the painting challenge.

I was originally going to go with a McBain tier list but the number of Highborn models I already had painted seemed like they would’ve gotten in the way (with all the character solos and units.)  That said, I decided I needed to branch out, but not too much.  If I wanted to be able to use the models I painted for this blog with my other casters I would need to stay in the Highborn Covenant contract.  I still wanted to use Thor and a Basher from the McBain list I had planned so I picked up the ‘jack (I already had Thor) and once I got it home and assembled I had found my inspiration.  A cool spherical boiler, big angry feet, and a huge battering ram for a head?  What’s not to love?  I loved the way the thing looked and decided right then that I was going Rhulic.

I like the idea of playing with a Rhulic battlegroup as one of the major weaknesses of Mercenaries as a whole is its less than spectacular damage output.  With dwarf ‘jacks however, I can play my “Khador in disguise” style that I enjoy and keep all the flavor and amusement of a Merc force.  Gorten was a tempting choice but I felt he was a little too predictable and SPD 4, FOC 5 really didn’t sit well with me.  Durgen, on the other hand looks like a lot of fun.  After reading his rules over a couple times it seems like there’s a lot of  cool combos he can set up, especially in a Highborn list, and I always like a caster with a solid ranged attack.

So here’s my proposed 15 point list.

  • Durgen Madhammer +6
  • – Driller -6
  • – Gunner -3
  • Thor Steinhammer -2
  • – Basher -7
  • Dougal Macnaile -2
  • Reinholdt -1

AND I have a picture for you!  I was messing around with some color schemes the other  night and I think I found one I really like.  Don’t worry, I’ll be painting a different Gunner for the actual challenge haha.

Can’t wait to get these guys to the painting table and, more importantly, actually play some games.  Only a few more days to go!


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