I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts


Bustin’ makes me feel good.

Yeah, so enough of that nostalgia trip. Hey everyone, Cryx Drew here (formerly known as Merc Andy). Finally decided to get my buttocks in gear and have a full painted army instead of my “startling silver” scheme. So after a few days of thought and pawing through my toolbox of Cryx models I’ve decided on an interesting theme that will: a) Be easy for a fairly unskilled painter like me to do, b) Be a reasonable and attainable goal, c)  Allow me to have fun with the theme, modeling, and gameplay.

I like to consider myself a Cryx player now, though I’ve had my roots in many Merc armies. So I though decided to settle on a truly Cryxian caster to cement myself in service to Lord Toruk. I recently purchased Wraith Witch Deneghra to almost round out my warcaster collection, so I decided she would be my caster of choice. As for the rest of the army I was curious to just how effective the Wraith Witch’s tier list would be, given its limited options (and its open-ended wording of “Cryx units with Incorporeal” and “Cryx solos with Incorporeal”, another unit/solo of ghosts please). So I decided I would jump head first into her tier list, and perhaps Wrath will provide me with some new and interesting toys down the line (Wraith Engine?).

So my 15 pt. list is as stands:

  • Wraith Witch Deneghra +6
  • Nightmare 10
  • Skarlock 2
  • Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders (min) 6
  • Pistol Wraith 3

List has some potential, but it still has lots of room to grow. Blackbane’s has treated me well in the past, except when faced with magic weapons, but I hope careful deployment and movement will keep them safe in a small game. Pistol Wraiths, can never go wrong with them. Same with the Skarlock, the OG warcaster attachment. For warjacks I was up in the air between a Defiler and Ripjaw or Nightmare. The first option gave me flexibility to engage at a distance, but lacked offensive and staying power. With Nightmare it’s the opposite; better mobility, greater attack potential, more staying power than a bonejack (not saying much, but eh). But with Nightmare it requires Deneghra to be up front, which can be dangerous. But for a woman with firsthand experience with death I think it’s a moot point.

As far as painting goes I am fairly confident I have Deneghra and Nightmare’s scheme down. I was turning over Deneghra’s model in my hands and I off-handedly thought it looked a bit like a torn up wedding dress. And so spawned my theme, the Bride of Cryx. Kinda a whitish coloration for both her and Nightmare. Blackbane’s may remain the bluish fire, but I may lighten up the coats to match the light colors of Deneghra. Same for the Skarlock and Pistol Wraith. The challenge for me I think is effectively pulling off the Incorporeal effect, which is going to be key because I hope to include many more Incorporeal models in the list as it grows.

So there we have it, the great beginning. I look forward to the challenge and the resulting fun. I will post soon the first pictures of the assembled force and its base coats.


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