If a Christian is Born Again, are Menites Burned Again?


So, I’ve felt the call of the one true faith, louder and stronger than ever before! I just want to spread the good news about Menoth! The good news is you’re highly flammable!

I’m kicking off with one of my favorite casters, the dame with the flame who’s so hot she’ll melt your heart, and your eyes, and the rest of you- Feora! Specifically, Epic Feora, the Protector of the Flame. I like that she’s fast, she hits hard, and she’s got a lot of fiery tricks to pump her jacks up, clear out infantry, and go in for the kill.

I want to get back into the Protectorate with both feet, so I need a good core to build from, which was my inspiration for starting this project in the first place. To that end, I need to build a solid core of infantry, some good, versatile jacks, and the support staff that the Protectorate is so well known for.

I also have a soft spot for tier lists, and I think Feora’s “Defenders of the Flame” list fits the bill quite nicely- Flameguard of all the different flavors, any non-character jacks I want, choir and mechaniks- everything I’ll need as I build up my forces. I eventually plan to hit at least tier 3, possibly tier 4; that remains to be seen. I’d like to say that I’m pretty excited for the Cleanser UA coming out in April!

As I begin, I’m starting with this list:

Feora; Protector of the Flame

Minimum Choir (4 troopers)
Maximum Flameguard (10 troopers)
Vassal Mechanik solo

I think it’s a good, solid list, able to take on all comers; the Flameguard can be a good, heavy hitting unit that can speedbump just as well, and Feora and her ‘jacks can move quickly to anywhere on the field with Escort, Feora herself can take down a lot of warcasters. The choir and Mechaniks in tow make the Reckoner a frightening prospect that will be very difficult to bring down.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for a color scheme, I’m thinking I’ll be using a lot of deep reds and brass, which I’ve always thought worked well for the Flameguard. I’ll be working some Menoth whites into the mix as well, and possibly a dash of a royal purple; many of the colors used by religious crusaders and holy leaders throughout the centuries. I’ll also be using a mix of my old resin desert bases, and a sand/dry grass basing scheme. They are desert folk, after all.

I’m working on a test model tonight to work out some of the metals; I might post it at some point if I find something I like!


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