The Blindwater Congregation!

Will you testify? Ive been preaching since Gatormen came out during Origins that a Gatorman Warlock for a Minions army would be fantastic. The told me it would NEVER happen…they were wrong. Now I have the perfect opportunity to build up and play a legit Gator army. So bear witness to some of the Blind Water Congregations finest (15):

Calaban (+6)
Bullsnapper x2-6
Min Gatormen-6

I think it is a solid list. Lots of fury for Calaban, the Wrastler can tear up most stuff, the bullsnappers are great for spiney growth, and gatormen are just wonderful at everything but shooting.

I think I know what scheme I want to do. Im thinking a dark brakish green for the scales and some sort of orange for the bellys. I may try and either green stuff or find bits for extra totems and witch doctor mask type stuff to decorate some less voodoo models. Idk wat to do for basing…

I am looking forward to this…I know everyone is a skeptic when it comes to me and painting, but this should give me a good incentive to get back at it. Also I am going to try and add a new painting technique each month to try and go a little beyond paint on model.

So look out, my gators are comin hungry…especially for Fox’s Menites…since what desert folk has ever seen a fucking Gator?


2 Responses to “The Blindwater Congregation!”

  1. ForsakenPoptart Says:

    Looks like the Flameguard are all getting new wallets and luggage for their birthdays. Feora could use a new purse, too.

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