Just consider it a sign of the end times.

It’s Scott, and I’m sure every one who knows me is shocked that I would enter a painting league considering I have played miniature games since i was in elementary school and never painted a model. I started painting occasionally last year and only finished two warjacks since then, so this will be a huge increase in output for me. I’m going to go with my first faction, that being Cygnar, since it is also the faction I’ve already painted a few models from to get some practice. For my paint scheme I’m going to be using the pictures in the back of FoW: Cygnar as a reference. To keep the model count down my warcaster is going to be Epic Nemo, since he likes his ‘jacks, with a starting army as follows…

ENemo [+6]

Hammersmith [8]

Charger [4]

Stormsmith [1]

Gunmages and UA [8]

Not an ideal list, but as I plan on using a couple of expensive jacks I need to spread out when the units get painted  so I don’t wind up getting stuck with only one model to paint one month and two dozen models to paint the next. Plus the lone Stormsmith will be good practice before I attempt to paint Nemo. Initially I was tempted to go for his tier list so I could use my half dozen stormsmiths, but I’m not going to buy a second unit of stormguard and a second firefly just for that.

Now I just need to figure out how to get pictures onto this site…


One Response to “Just consider it a sign of the end times.”

  1. Holy shit, I have seen the end and it is a Finkle.

    As for adding pictures, it’s part of insert toolbar at the top of the posting page. Of course this will require you to have the pics stored somewhere on your computer. Which will require a digital camera.

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