The Crusade begins!

So, I had a bit of a mishap. A setback. A snafu, if you will.

The Reckoner I spent about 5 hours (maybe 4.5) painting is now back to the primed stage. You see, when I went to spray my sealer on, I grabbed the wrong can. I only have like 3 or 4 spray cans in my apartment, so the odds of me even grabbing one completely at random and coming up with the right one were still relatively good. But no, it was not to be. Instead of the nice coat of sealant I had promised my dear warjack, I coated it in spray adhesive. SPRAY. ADHESIVE. FUUUUUU-

So, that happened.  I stripped it, with many angry faces, and have started all over again.

The rest, though, is going along nicely. The repenter is blocked out with colors, the choir is started, and eFeora is ready to come out of her acetone bath. I’m including a picture of my workspace, with some of the models, but since the minis aren’t even close to done, I’m not giving any close-ups just yet!

Be afraid, Heathens! In like a week!


4 Responses to “The Crusade begins!”

  1. I had something similar happen in high school with varnish. No one told me it needed to be shaken for an extended period of time before being used so the models looked like they were walking through a blizzard or something.

  2. I think I remember that. Wasn’t it some Necrons?

  3. vorkaash Says:

    Yes, 3 wraiths.


    I started using this stuff
    It’s like a dollar a bottle at Micheal’s

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