U p d a t e

So I don’t quite think I’m going to make this month with 1 day left. My Slayer isn’t quite done yet but is looking fine. Meg painted my Satyxis “Sea Witch” and it’s very awesome as well. It’s been a busy month for me haven’t had much down time to paint. Hopefully next month I’ll be able to catch up since a good chunk of my points will be soaked up by solo’s and jacks. Just thought I’d report in cause it’s the end of the month.


3 Responses to “U p d a t e”

  1. Good stuff! I like the pose of the slayer in the first picture a lot. The purple and black on the sea witch makes it look like she got that outfit at Hot Topic, which seems very appropriate haha. The fact that Meg painted it is really impressive too. Keep it up!

  2. please tell me that easter island head is from that god awful bottle of liquor I bought you a few birthdays ago.

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