Gators are Awesome.

So even though Im in Syracuse for training, Ive been trying to bang out the last of my 15 points before the dead line…which is end of tomorrow…that being said the Wrastler can now join the ranks of my painted gators and the other like 38 points of minis Ive painted in my life. That just leaves Calaban the Grave Walker for the rest of tonight and tomorrow. Ive only painted 3 casters in my life and they were the 3 cygnar prime casters so he is going to be a challenge.

P.s. the “mask” on the Wrastler is actually sewn together human skin…there is a face and a hand…that is why gators are awesome. If you saw him coming out of the water you’d be skered.

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3 Responses to “Gators are Awesome.”

  1. Do your gators use Crest Whitestrips or what haha. That being said, I like ’em.

  2. it puts the lotion on the scales… or it gets the hose again

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