Just in case you doubted me.

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There we are, pictures of my army. I didn’t even try doing the blue glowy effect in Nemo, cause I knew I would fail horribly but I am still happy with how he turned out. I realized after finishing the gun mage captain that because of how I did his eyes he looks like something just surprised the crap out of him. Where’s everybody elses? Connor and myself can’t be the only ones done on time.


5 Responses to “Just in case you doubted me.”

  1. vorkaash Says:

    FUck, some of those came out blurry. Oh well, there are enough pictures to get the point across.

  2. ForsakenPoptart Says:

    Holy crap- I never would have expected it, but you can, in fact, paint! Nicely done!

  3. Wow, COLOR me extremely impressed (the puns won’t stop.) That Hammersmith, especially, looks awesome. I like that you are actually highlighting and shading your models and I can definitely sense the effort put in. I’m always pushing myself improve on different techniques so I’m glad there’s another one of us that doesn’t rely just a simple dip or ink wash to add depth to the colors.

    By the way, I have a little tip for you about avoiding the surprised eyes problem. What I do is apply some of the flesh color to the bottom side of the eye and work my way upwards little by little in order to cover up the excess white (if there is more white on top then you can start there, but it may end up making them look angry.) In fact you can go look at my Thor post and see for yourself. His eyes were a lot bigger initially but I used this technique to narrow them to a more natural appearance. Good luck!

  4. Scott, your stuff came out great. I love the hammersmith especially. He came out awesome.

  5. vorkaash Says:

    To be honest I have no idea how to ink or dip models. I just looked at the painting guides in prime and FoW Cygnar.

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