Stop! (Mad)hammer-time!

I’m going to continue with the puns until you guys start commenting more haha.

Durgen finishes a couple hours past midnight to complete my 15 points for March.

I love the face on this model, his crazy smile is infectious.  Other then that, there’s nothing too remarkable here.  It’s always enjoyable finding a way to apply your color scheme to a new model and I think I did a good job here in that respect.  Anyway, as a bonus for you guys and also because this completes the 15pt list, I decided to take a cool group photo as well.

It looks like they’re all bravely marching off to battle, but in reality they’re just running away from that big scary Thunderhead behind them.


3 Responses to “Stop! (Mad)hammer-time!”

  1. vorkaash Says:

    And as usual you put the rest of us to shame with your painting abilities.

  2. Yah…I try to think of connors painting as something to aspire to…knowing full well I will never be as good a painter as he is. That being said hes put in infinitely more time painting, practicing, studying, and using techniques than I have which is why he is so good. I think Mad Hammer came out fucking awesome, I love the smile and how happy/sadistic he looks. Captured the essence of the mad bomber perfectly IMHO.

  3. Thanks, guys :).

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