Adeptis Rahn beckons

Well after spending like 30 minutes playing with the settings on my digital camera I got an “ok” shot of Adeptis Rahn before the battery died. Apparently not charging your camera for 6 months doesn’t give you much shooting time. But I did say I would get some models posted. Guess I am going getting one posted today. The model still needs to be based and sealed but the painted part is done. I wanted to give him a “glow” to his eyes, and his open mitt, which can’t be seen. Lucky turquoise ink is great for that!

House Shyeel is getting ready to roll out!


3 Responses to “Adeptis Rahn beckons”

  1. Cool! The turquoise glow is definitely a good match for the purple and white armor. Are all of your blades going to be that color? because I think it looks really cool.

  2. zexsudel Says:

    Any blade that is magical is going to have that effect. Non magical weapons like the Dawngaurd will be normal metallic without the turquoise ink.

  3. That’s a really good idea actually. I’ve never considered differentiating magical weapons that way.

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