20 more points, I don’t think my license can handle it!

No puns came to mind so I decided to go with irony this time haha.

I just thought I’d throw up a quick post to outline the next 20 points I’m planning to paint this month.  So here we go:

  • Ogrun Assult Corps – max – 9     (deal with it Jake)
  • Epic Eyriss, Angel of Retribution – 3
  • Lady Aiyana & Master Holt – 4
  • Gorman Di Wulfe – 2     (I’ll be stripping and repainting him)
  • THE RAGMAN – 2

I wanted a few more AOEs in order to get the most bang for my buck out of Durgen’s feat, so that’s where the OAC come in.  I’ve been wanting to play medium based infantry forever and I suppose Durgen can prime them if things are getting desperate.  The remaining 11 points will hopefully make up for the overall low damage output that mercs in general are cursed with.  Epic Eyriss wil help out by dropping annoying upkeeps and animi that might cause problems for my heavily ranged army.  Aiyana and Holt will be blowing kisses and giving me +2 to my rolls while Gorman lowers ‘jack armor by 2 (plus his AOEs will get a boost to hit under Durgen’s feat.)  Adding insult to injury is the supercool looking Ragman which can give things dark shroud and contribute an additional -2 to ARM.  The best case scenario has an enemy ‘jack target with no buffs and an effective -6 to armor up against my tuned up, redlined Driller with 3 focus!  Not that that will ever happen, but it’s fun to dream.

Hmm, I guess it wasn’t such a quick post after all.


2 Responses to “20 more points, I don’t think my license can handle it!”

  1. vorkaash Says:

    I think with that ideal set up your driller would only need 1 focus to take out a Khador jack from full health, and don’t forget Redline too.

  2. zexsudel Says:

    -6 ARM would mean my army has a negative armor O_o

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