Better late than never…right?

Four days late but I’m done with my 15 pt list. All the pictures are gonna be here aside from the hero that I finished at the beginning of the month so prepare for a long post.

We begin with the head honcho, the big “B”, the man with the …codpiece. Borka is here to smash all your faces and drink all the beer. Beer brought to you by…

This guy! He may not look it, but this is the true leader of my army. Not the pyg, but if you look a bit higher you will see happiest whelp in the Iron Kingdoms.

Now, all trolls like their thud, But nobody has quite as much as this next gentlemen and his posse. This man is so beholden to his thud, that not only does he wear it around his neck but he carries it into battle with him and does cool magic things with it.

Mad thud thud yo.

This guy doesn’t get an introduction, painting him was like painting a creepy old naked dude.

Finally, I saved the best for the last. This model put the EXTREME in extreme sculpt, and is still the best one to date (still cooler than your Titan Jake, sorry) The EXTREME Dire Troll Mauler.

That guy looks pissed.

Also heres a group shot.


The End.


5 Responses to “Better late than never…right?”

  1. vorkaash Says:

    I think the winter troll looks like a creepy old naked dude because of the beard combined with a lack of teeth. Why does the model not have fangs like the rest of the Trollblood beasts?

  2. vorkaash Says:

    Well between the priest and Ruby Rod I think the Fifth Element had plenty of pervert to go around for a few pedophilia jokes.

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