Madness? Madness?! This is Ios!

It must really be madness. I spent the last 7 hours straight painting. My eyes are exhausted, my hands shaking and I just want to curl and cry but I have completed, sans the basing, my entire unit of Houseguard Halberdiers and the unit attachment. That is 12 models in one night.  Granted for my 35 point list I am using the minimal unit size but I couldn’t really justify not painting those last four dudes.

A kinda neat trick I did was to make a “coloring book” of the miniature prior to putting paint on the metal. I wanted the Houseguard to look like they clearly belonged in my force but to have an overall different feel than the House Shyeel models. As such I used more metallic colors and less “arcane” effects. But to save myself a headache I turned a picture of the unit into a coloring book via Gimp. I used an edge detection and then transformed the image into a 2-bit grayscale picture leaving mostly just the outlines of the model. Then I busted out the good ole crayons and tried some schemes out. Gotta say it most likely saved the models a few Simple Green baths

Enough rambling though. Here is a preview of the elves and their pointy sticks.


One Response to “Madness? Madness?! This is Ios!”

  1. Although I’ve definitely painted for longer than 7 hours in one sitting, I don’t think I’ve ever cranked out 12 guys in one night haha. They look great! Keep it up the good work.

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