Somebody call 9-1-1…something something burning on..something.

Hello children!

As some of you know, around the turn of the month, I moved to a brand new apartment- this had a pretty serious impact on my painting, and an even bigger impact on my picture taking! I unearthed my camera this weekend, got my shizz together, and lo- here are some pictures of my completed 15 point army! I already see some places where touch-ups will be necessary, too!

Here’s the army list, again:

Feora- Protector of the Flame



Min Choir- 4 troopers

Max Temple Flameguard- 10 troopers

Vassal Mechanik


Check ’em out!


Is she HOT HOT HOT….or cold?



The jacks! I think I’ll continue the red scheme for light jacks, and white for the heavies- they seem to work pretty well.


My choir! Very colorful- I did have a good time painting them. They look pretty regal.

ALSO- I’m taking suggestions on what to paint on their scrolls.


Some Flameguard!

MORE Flameguard!


And…the Mechanik- not much to say here, cool model, I need two more, but not particularly exciting to paint.



I’ve already started on my 35 point list- I add a Templar (SO EXCITED), a Redeemer (eFeoras best friend) and yet another 10 TFG, plus a Unit Attachment. So many Flameguard, I may snap. However, I’ll be most pleased when they’re finished!


I’m trying to think of how to base them- I’ve got some dry/burned looking grass and sand flock I might try out- I’m going to revive a few of my old Epicast cracked earth bases, on select models. I think I’ll probably base after the 50 point month!


4 Responses to “Somebody call 9-1-1…something something burning on..something.”

  1. Nice to see it all finished finally. I really like the pose on the Repenter (menoth lights are my favorite of the re-sculpts.) As for basing, I used the tutorial here: to do a basic (ha) rock and flock on my guys recently. It’s pretty straight forward and the results are nice.

    For the choir scrolls I think you should write quotes from metal songs about fire (there are infinity of them) hahaha

  2. vorkaash Says:

    Nice, are the next unit of flameguard going to be matching or a different paint scheme so you can distinguish between the two on the field?

  3. ForsakenPoptart Says:

    I think I might do a different color menofix- probably red.

  4. nice models, as far as the scrolls go you gotta do menite porn. (thats anybody without a mask on)

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