Can you see the light?

So the month is over half way over so in theory that means you should have 10 more points painted or something. Of course that isn’t correct since a unit could cost 6 while a jack is 10. Personally I have painted all three of my Magistrates (not using all in 35) and my second House Shyeel Battle Mages unit. That just leaves my Discordia and my second Arcanist to finish the month up. Not too bad. The myrmidon though eats up a lot of time. Lots of large surfaces I need to paint, meaning I actually have to shade and not just cheat with some armor wash and touch ups.

Looking forward though I am wondering what I will add to the 50 point list I am leaning more and more to breaking the tiered list I have now in order to put some Dawngaurd Sentinels. Lets face it. Reach P+S 13 weapon master weapons make for a solid melee team, something my current list is lacking. While another heavy jack may be nice too the money to buy more models right now isn’t happening. I had to sell my blood to get my Retribution force as is 😉

Enough rambling though. I hope others are keeping up on their painting. 10 days to go!


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