A long forgotten preview

When I first posted I was joining this shindig I mentioned I’d post a group shot of the work I had finished up to that point. Well I forgot. So without further delay I will show you the group shot I have currently. I am two models short of my 35 point list. However I think I may need to do back and retro-fit my first heavy myrmidon so it’s magnets are better so perhaps it will stay together during a game. Currently the Phoenix is too weak to wield his own sword for very long.

I’ve been waiting for weeks for a sunny day without lots of wind to seal my miniatures. This day is apparently a fable since it snowed tonight and it is almost May…


One Response to “A long forgotten preview”

  1. Wow, your halberdiers look even better here. I didn’t realize the green backpacks before. Good job!

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