The Charge (and stumble) of the Battle Mages

You know I have come to the realization that I don’t particularly enjoy painting. As such I am more concerned about just finishing the army than making it perfectly pretty. At a distance the group all looks sharp though. Just don’t turn them on their sides and looks for their “under parts” :p

Anyways, I have finished my 35 point list with one caveat. I dropped the second Arcanist. Why? Well going into the 50 point list I have decided to drop the Tier list in order to pick up some Dawngaurd Sentinels, which are amazing. And since I I lose the free Arcanist that was included in the list I had posted I did not paint him for this force, thought he would be allowed.

The House Shyeel Articer and the Housegaurd Heavy Rifle team are both now out which gives me some new options. I have a few days think about my list though. Until then bask in my awesome

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4 Responses to “The Charge (and stumble) of the Battle Mages”

  1. Good looking stuff. It’s definitely not an army I would enjoy facing haha.

  2. this sounds stupid, compared to all the work you did on the models… but i like how the bases came out.

    • The basing is actually just a Woodland Scenics pre-mix. Basing took me like an hour for almost the entire force. Though it does look really sharp.

  3. ForsakenPoptart Says:

    There’s no shame in changing your army list, particularly to pick up some cool models!

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