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A new challenger appears!

Posted in Army Lists with tags on April 2, 2011 by zexsudel

Well I didn’t join others on the first month mainly because I already have some of my Retribution force painted and didn’t feel like pretending to start over. But now that it is April and people are moving on to a bigger force I am bring to pain to the heathens who dare despoil Scyrah with your blasphemy!

So consider my gauntlet tossed into the ring. I will post some of the forces I do have ready tomorrow, assuming the weather allows me to go outside for the shots. I currently have Rahn, an Arcanist, one unit of House Shyeel Battles Mages, a Chimeron, and an Omni-heavy done. Also a Kaelyssa but nobody likes her. 

So for my 35 point list:

Adeptis Rahn (-6)
Phoniex (10)
Discordia (10)
House Shyeel Battle Mage unit x2 (10)
House Shyeel Magister x2 (4)
Arcanist x2 (1)
Houseguard Halberdiers with 5 grunts and Officer & Standard (6)


“I shall burn a true vision of horror into that empty head of yours!”

Posted in Army Lists on March 2, 2011 by smoothpesci

Hi everyone its Kevin.

So I have decided to do Cryx… because I haven’t fielded a Cryx army yet. Hurray!
My criteria for creating this army is as so:

(A) I’m only using Cryx models I have or can trade for
(B) Models can be tied into my faction theme
(C) Faction theme: Takehito Harada designed characters

So here we go…

15 point army…

Epic Skarre
Mechanithralls (Min)
Necro Surgeon and Stitch Thralls
Satyxis Raiders (Full)
Satyxis Raiders Sea Witch (Using modified IK model)

Examples of Color Schemes:

Mechanithralls –> Aqua Demon

Slayer –> Zombie Dragon

Using only model’s I already have makes it tough. I don’t really have much to handle medium based and high armor units and solo’s at 15 points but hopefully between combo strikes, mini feats, and spells I can make it work.

I’m here to kick ass and drink beer, and I’m all out of beer

Posted in Army Lists, Information on February 28, 2011 by schwenckenstein

…So I think I’ll kill you and take yours!

I will be playing trolls for this event as I’ve gotten bored with playing khador and I have painted precisely 3 troll models so far. My initial list will be as follows:

Borka the Kegslayer +5 ( He likes to drink)

Dire Troll Mauler 9 (Its a mauler…thats all I got)

Winter Troll 5 ( Thats right a winter troll, big whoop wanna fight about it?)

Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes 3 (min unit for the moment)

Trollkin Champion Hero 3 (He likes to fight)

So theres my 15 point list, the plan is to windwall my way up to board into melee. Then once I get there I let the famous troll buffs fly and eat you…come to think of it thats really the plan for most troll armies. My armies durability plus Iron Flesh the protective aura and use of the freezer ( for those of your wondering this is why the winter troll is here) should make me pretty damn hard to dislodge from your throat. As long as I can evade all the bullets sure to be thrown at me (min krielstones aura isnt really all that big) I’ll be a terror in melee.

As far as color scheme goes I’ll be painting in the traditional troll color scheme…there isn’t one. That is probably my favorite part about painting my trolls, not being constrained to a color palette is a nice change from my stark white (seriously what madman chooses white as their army color) khador.

…ghost cryx is bitches.

better late than never. . .

Posted in Army Lists on October 27, 2008 by danfronk

so it’s obviously not realistic for me to commit to painting 500 points in a month. so i am going to try to finish painting the butcher before november, and assemble everything else. and i’m using the epic butcher model because i like the pose more, and nothing else changed. my goal is also to make no major conversions. the 500 pt. army list is:

the butcher
doomreavers x2
manhunter x2
yuri the axe
battle mechainks (min)
bloody bradigan
ogrun bokur

the concept is some fool gave a bunch of angry men weapons.
it’s not very well thought through.
the mechanicks are there because i had extra points.
they’re gonna get drunk and hit people with wrenches.


Posted in Army Lists, Information on October 2, 2008 by ForsakenPoptart

I know Connor finished his models for September, and I just put the finishing touches on mine last night, which I think is close enough.

Whats coming up for October, guys?

Im making some tweaks to my army- swapping Stryker for Caine, an Ironclad for the Defender, and adding in some Stormlances!

The Cryx army…

Posted in Army Lists on September 4, 2008 by cryxplayer

Goreshade-80 (deathwalker and banethralls)





Black Ogrun +1- 66+19 = 85


349 points.

As you all know I am playing Cryx. It was an army I thought about playing a while back but never bothered to work on. Now I will be playing the Cryx special pirates army cause I didn’t want to press the easy button. I will be fielding NO bilethralls as they make me so fucking angry and I refuse to unleash that upon another person. With that being said I have no problem making peoples lives miserable through other means.

I am looking to play a different style list then I am used to. Instead of a jack list or a real shooty list I will be running board control. I will be looking to lock down other armies through abilities to quickly move in for the kill instead of playing the attrition game and throwing line after line of troops to get through peoples defenses. I am hoping that it wont take me too long to get used to.

BTW Mr. Troll player…I probably have more models painted then you do…the difference is i don’t really care what my shit looks like cause I neither have the patience nor the interest in perfecting the skill. Doing this journal gives me the excuse to play a different army and to try out some lists. The painting part just happens to come with the territory.

Searforge Robot Friends Army

Posted in Army Lists on September 2, 2008 by ectobunnycooler

I am going to start with…


Gorten = 60

Ghordson Driller = 112

Grundback Grunner = 48

Highshields(Full Unit) = 53+32 = 85

Ogrun Bokur = 39


Well first off, this is going to be the Robot Friends army because all the robots in Gortens battlegroup are friends. They have formed a bond of robotic brotherhood through their travels and battles. Ever played Yoshi’s story or seen TMNT ? That’s the level of friendship were talking about here. Undeniable, illogical, fanatical friendship. These robots got each others backs when things get crazy. Therefore… Robot Friends shall be the title of this army/project/challenge thingy.


I’m going to use the palletes from Wall-E as the paint scheme. Since he himself is a role model robot friend and I like the rustic aged industrial robot look, goes good with a rhulic army.


Light warjacks will have Wall-E colors, Heavy’s will have Eve / BnL robots, Highshields will have earth castaway color scheme, Gorton will have a Captain paint scheme, the bokur will have AUTO’s color scheme


Strategy Wise I dont have much flexibility at 350 with a Searforge list. I have also never played Searforge to date. So I started with a mix of models that appears to me to be a well balanced Searforge list. I put the Driller and a Gunner with Gorten this might prove to be a bit of a focus drain, well see. Highshields with Bokur is pretty standard. Highshields shoot things, Bokur Hits things, both get AD things (Bokur by being HS client) everyones happy. That’s about it, havent really meta-gamed that much on this army yet.