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The Charge (and stumble) of the Battle Mages

Posted in Pictures on April 29, 2011 by zexsudel

You know I have come to the realization that I don’t particularly enjoy painting. As such I am more concerned about just finishing the army than making it perfectly pretty. At a distance the group all looks sharp though. Just don’t turn them on their sides and looks for their “under parts” :p

Anyways, I have finished my 35 point list with one caveat. I dropped the second Arcanist. Why? Well going into the 50 point list I have decided to drop the Tier list in order to pick up some Dawngaurd Sentinels, which are amazing. And since I I lose the free Arcanist that was included in the list I had posted I did not paint him for this force, thought he would be allowed.

The House Shyeel Articer and the Housegaurd Heavy Rifle team are both now out which gives me some new options. I have a few days think about my list though. Until then bask in my awesome

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A long forgotten preview

Posted in Pictures, Progress on April 23, 2011 by zexsudel

When I first posted I was joining this shindig I mentioned I’d post a group shot of the work I had finished up to that point. Well I forgot. So without further delay I will show you the group shot I have currently. I am two models short of my 35 point list. However I think I may need to do back and retro-fit my first heavy myrmidon so it’s magnets are better so perhaps it will stay together during a game. Currently the Phoenix is too weak to wield his own sword for very long.

I’ve been waiting for weeks for a sunny day without lots of wind to seal my miniatures. This day is apparently a fable since it snowed tonight and it is almost May…

Adeptis Rahn beckons

Posted in Pictures with tags on April 2, 2011 by zexsudel

Well after spending like 30 minutes playing with the settings on my digital camera I got an “ok” shot of Adeptis Rahn before the battery died. Apparently not charging your camera for 6 months doesn’t give you much shooting time. But I did say I would get some models posted. Guess I am going getting one posted today. The model still needs to be based and sealed but the painted part is done. I wanted to give him a “glow” to his eyes, and his open mitt, which can’t be seen. Lucky turquoise ink is great for that!

House Shyeel is getting ready to roll out!


Posted in Pictures on March 14, 2011 by vorkaash

I finally got some pictures onto a computer courtesy of Drew. The Charger with the more angled hammer is the one I just painted for the league, the other Charger and Ironclad are the other two models I had painted previously. I’m currently working on the gunmages and have two mostly done, and have the Hammersmith about half done.

2 week Circle update WITH PICTURES

Posted in Pictures, Progress on September 14, 2008 by Connor

Alright! Two weeks have passed and I’m not as far in my painting as I’d like to be but I’m really pleased about my progress so far.  I decided I wanted to paint my circle with a winter theme (perhaps a Sonata Arctica influence haha) but I needed to find a color scheme that works well with snow.  My Cygnar army is already painted in a cold blue/grey scheme so I didn’t want to repeat that either.  I thought about real life examples of people who live in the cold all the time and Eskimos (or rather Inuit tribes) instantly came to mind.  A little google image searching gave me some good pictures to get inspiration from, this one in particular:    Pretty “cool” threads if I do say so myself /shot.  Anyway, I basically tried to impliment this color scheme and some of the patterns into my models.  The only model I have done so far that could exemplify this style would be Baldur (as the Wolds don’t really wear clothes heh.)  I based him off of the woman in the middle, using a lot of browns and white.  The camera I used to take these pictures isn’t that great close up so hopefully you can get the jist of it.

Yup, that’s snow on top of him.  Baldur’s model always seemed pretty static to me so I just picture him moving slowly across the battlefield as snow piles up on his cold metal shoulder pads.  That snow, and the snow on the base was made with a water/white glue/baking soda mixture as outlined on the Brushthralls website ( .) 

The next model I have finished is the Woldwyrd.  This guy was really fun to paint, I might just put more in my 500 pt list for this reason alone haha.  I basically used the speed painting Woldwatcher guide in NQ19 with a little frostbite at the end to make the stone look colder, and although it’s hard to make out in the picture, the “green glow” color that is commonly used on circle models I have changed to a dark red.  How about pictures already.

It’s made of stone and wood so snow be all up ons /shot again.  But I think the snow looks even better on this guy than on Baldur.  I did a little conversion with him too, I wanted to make it look like he was hovering around some rocks and I think it came out pretty well.  I actually pinned for the first time as the Wyrd isn’t attatched to the base save for a little bit of paper clip heh.  But anyway, that’s my progress so far and now that I have my scheme and method down I think the rest of the models will be finished soon.