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A long forgotten preview

Posted in Pictures, Progress on April 23, 2011 by zexsudel

When I first posted I was joining this shindig I mentioned I’d post a group shot of the work I had finished up to that point. Well I forgot. So without further delay I will show you the group shot I have currently. I am two models short of my 35 point list. However I think I may need to do back and retro-fit my first heavy myrmidon so it’s magnets are better so perhaps it will stay together during a game. Currently the Phoenix is too weak to wield his own sword for very long.

I’ve been waiting for weeks for a sunny day without lots of wind to seal my miniatures. This day is apparently a fable since it snowed tonight and it is almost May…


Can you see the light?

Posted in Progress on April 21, 2011 by zexsudel

So the month is over half way over so in theory that means you should have 10 more points painted or something. Of course that isn’t correct since a unit could cost 6 while a jack is 10. Personally I have painted all three of my Magistrates (not using all in 35) and my second House Shyeel Battle Mages unit. That just leaves my Discordia and my second Arcanist to finish the month up. Not too bad. The myrmidon though eats up a lot of time. Lots of large surfaces I need to paint, meaning I actually have to shade and not just cheat with some armor wash and touch ups.

Looking forward though I am wondering what I will add to the 50 point list I am leaning more and more to breaking the tiered list I have now in order to put some Dawngaurd Sentinels. Lets face it. Reach P+S 13 weapon master weapons make for a solid melee team, something my current list is lacking. While another heavy jack may be nice too the money to buy more models right now isn’t happening. I had to sell my blood to get my Retribution force as is ūüėČ

Enough rambling though. I hope others are keeping up on their painting. 10 days to go!

Madness? Madness?! This is Ios!

Posted in Progress with tags on April 7, 2011 by zexsudel

It must really be madness. I spent the last 7 hours straight painting. My eyes are exhausted, my hands shaking and I just want to curl and cry but I have completed, sans the basing, my entire unit of Houseguard Halberdiers and the unit attachment. That is 12 models in one night.¬† Granted for my 35 point list I am using the minimal unit size but I couldn’t really justify not painting those last four dudes.

A kinda neat trick I did was to make a “coloring book” of the miniature prior to putting paint on the metal. I wanted the Houseguard to look like they clearly belonged in my force but to have an overall different feel than the House Shyeel models. As such I used more metallic colors and less “arcane” effects. But to save myself a headache I turned a picture of the unit into a coloring book via Gimp. I used an edge detection and then transformed the image into a 2-bit grayscale picture leaving mostly just the outlines of the model. Then I busted out the good ole crayons and tried some schemes out. Gotta say it most likely saved the models a few Simple Green baths

Enough rambling though. Here is a preview of the elves and their pointy sticks.

2 week Circle update WITH PICTURES

Posted in Pictures, Progress on September 14, 2008 by Connor

Alright! Two weeks have passed and I’m not as far in my painting as I’d like to be but I’m really pleased about my progress so far.¬† I decided I wanted to paint my circle with a winter theme (perhaps a Sonata Arctica influence haha) but I needed to find a color scheme that works well with snow.¬† My Cygnar army is already painted in a cold blue/grey scheme so I didn’t want to repeat that either.¬† I thought about real life examples of people who live in the cold all the time and Eskimos (or rather Inuit tribes) instantly came to mind.¬† A little google image searching gave me some good pictures to get inspiration from, this one in particular:¬†¬†¬†¬†Pretty¬†“cool”¬†threads if I do say so myself /shot.¬† Anyway,¬†I basically tried to impliment this¬†color scheme and¬†some of the patterns into my models.¬†¬†The only model I have done so far that could exemplify this style would be Baldur (as the¬†Wolds don’t really wear clothes heh.)¬† I based him off of the woman in the middle, using a lot of browns and white.¬† The camera I used to take these pictures isn’t that great close up so hopefully you can get the jist of it.

Yup, that’s snow on top of him.¬† Baldur’s model always seemed pretty static to me so I just picture him moving slowly across the battlefield as snow piles up on his cold metal shoulder pads.¬† That snow, and the snow on the base was made with a water/white glue/baking soda mixture as outlined on the Brushthralls website (¬†.)¬†

The next model I have finished is the Woldwyrd.¬† This guy was really fun to paint, I might just put more in my 500 pt list for this reason alone haha.¬† I basically used the speed painting Woldwatcher guide in NQ19 with a little frostbite at the end to make the stone look colder, and although it’s hard to make out in the picture, the “green glow” color that is commonly used on circle models I have changed to a dark red.¬† How about pictures already.

It’s made of stone and wood so snow be all up ons /shot again.¬† But I think the snow looks even better on this guy than on Baldur.¬† I did a little conversion with him too, I wanted to make it look like he was hovering around some rocks and I think it came out pretty well.¬† I actually pinned for the first time as the Wyrd isn’t attatched to the base save for a little bit of paper clip heh.¬† But anyway, that’s my progress so far and now that I have my scheme and method down I think the rest of the models will be finished soon.