Can you see the light?

Posted in Progress on April 21, 2011 by zexsudel

So the month is over half way over so in theory that means you should have 10 more points painted or something. Of course that isn’t correct since a unit could cost 6 while a jack is 10. Personally I have painted all three of my Magistrates (not using all in 35) and my second House Shyeel Battle Mages unit. That just leaves my Discordia and my second Arcanist to finish the month up. Not too bad. The myrmidon though eats up a lot of time. Lots of large surfaces I need to paint, meaning I actually have to shade and not just cheat with some armor wash and touch ups.

Looking forward though I am wondering what I will add to the 50 point list I am leaning more and more to breaking the tiered list I have now in order to put some Dawngaurd Sentinels. Lets face it. Reach P+S 13 weapon master weapons make for a solid melee team, something my current list is lacking. While another heavy jack may be nice too the money to buy more models right now isn’t happening. I had to sell my blood to get my Retribution force as is ūüėČ

Enough rambling though. I hope others are keeping up on their painting. 10 days to go!


Failure pile in a sadness bowl.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 18, 2011 by Bertdizzle

Hey guys. So I may have to drop out of the challenge. I haven’t had a chance to paint anything in weeks due to work, and with the new store opening, it’s only getting worse. The good news is, though, that our video game store should be open June 1st! The bad news is my body is falling apart! I will still paint when I can, and I will continue to post pictures, but I doubt I will complete the monthly goals. I would just pay Steve Reisman to do it, but Warmachine would not still even be a game when he was finished…

Somebody call 9-1-1…something something burning on..something.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 13, 2011 by ForsakenPoptart

Hello children!

As some of you know, around the turn of the month, I moved to a brand new apartment- this had a pretty serious impact on my painting, and an even bigger impact on my picture taking! I unearthed my camera this weekend, got my shizz together, and lo- here are some pictures of my completed 15 point army! I already see some places where touch-ups will be necessary, too!

Here’s the army list, again:

Feora- Protector of the Flame



Min Choir- 4 troopers

Max Temple Flameguard- 10 troopers

Vassal Mechanik


Check ’em out!


Is she HOT HOT HOT….or cold?



The jacks! I think I’ll continue the red scheme for light jacks, and white for the heavies- they seem to work pretty well.


My choir! Very colorful- I did have a good time painting them. They look pretty regal.

ALSO- I’m taking suggestions on what to paint on their scrolls.


Some Flameguard!

MORE Flameguard!


And…the Mechanik- not much to say here, cool model, I need two more, but not particularly exciting to paint.



I’ve already started on my 35 point list- I add a Templar (SO EXCITED), a Redeemer (eFeoras best friend) and yet another 10 TFG, plus a Unit Attachment. So many Flameguard, I may snap. However, I’ll be most pleased when they’re finished!


I’m trying to think of how to base them- I’ve got some dry/burned looking grass and sand flock I might try out- I’m going to revive a few of my old Epicast cracked earth bases, on select models. I think I’ll probably base after the 50 point month!

Madness? Madness?! This is Ios!

Posted in Progress with tags on April 7, 2011 by zexsudel

It must really be madness. I spent the last 7 hours straight painting. My eyes are exhausted, my hands shaking and I just want to curl and cry but I have completed, sans the basing, my entire unit of Houseguard Halberdiers and the unit attachment. That is 12 models in one night.¬† Granted for my 35 point list I am using the minimal unit size but I couldn’t really justify not painting those last four dudes.

A kinda neat trick I did was to make a “coloring book” of the miniature prior to putting paint on the metal. I wanted the Houseguard to look like they clearly belonged in my force but to have an overall different feel than the House Shyeel models. As such I used more metallic colors and less “arcane” effects. But to save myself a headache I turned a picture of the unit into a coloring book via Gimp. I used an edge detection and then transformed the image into a 2-bit grayscale picture leaving mostly just the outlines of the model. Then I busted out the good ole crayons and tried some schemes out. Gotta say it most likely saved the models a few Simple Green baths

Enough rambling though. Here is a preview of the elves and their pointy sticks.

Better late than never…right?

Posted in Uncategorized on April 4, 2011 by schwenckenstein

Four days late but I’m done with my 15 pt list. All the pictures are gonna be here aside from the hero that I finished at the beginning of the month so prepare for a long post.

We begin with the head honcho, the big “B”, the man with the …codpiece. Borka is here to smash all your faces and drink all the beer. Beer brought to you by…

This guy! He may not look it, but this is the true leader of my army. Not the pyg, but if you look a bit higher you will see happiest whelp in the Iron Kingdoms.

Now, all trolls like their thud, But nobody has quite as much as this next gentlemen and his posse. This man is so beholden to his thud, that not only does he wear it around his neck but he carries it into battle with him and does cool magic things with it.

Mad thud thud yo.

This guy doesn’t get an introduction, painting him was like painting a creepy old naked dude.

Finally, I saved the best for the last. This model put the EXTREME in extreme sculpt, and is still the best one to date (still cooler than your Titan Jake, sorry) The EXTREME Dire Troll Mauler.

That guy looks pissed.

Also heres a group shot.


The End.

20 more points, I don’t think my license can handle it!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 3, 2011 by Connor

No puns came to mind so I decided to go with irony this time haha.

I just thought I’d throw up a quick post to outline the next 20 points I’m planning to paint this month. ¬†So here we go:

  • Ogrun Assult Corps – max – 9 ¬† ¬† (deal with it Jake)
  • Epic Eyriss, Angel of Retribution – 3
  • Lady Aiyana & Master Holt – 4
  • Gorman Di Wulfe – 2 ¬† ¬† (I’ll be stripping and repainting him)
  • THE RAGMAN – 2

I wanted a few more AOEs in order to get the most bang for my buck out of Durgen’s feat, so that’s where the OAC come in. ¬†I’ve been wanting to play medium based infantry forever and I suppose Durgen can prime them if things are getting desperate. ¬†The remaining 11 points will hopefully make up for the overall low damage output that mercs in general are cursed with. ¬†Epic Eyriss wil help out by dropping annoying upkeeps and animi that might cause problems for my heavily ranged army. ¬†Aiyana and Holt will be blowing kisses and giving me +2 to my rolls while Gorman lowers ‘jack armor by 2 (plus his AOEs will get a boost to hit under Durgen’s feat.) ¬†Adding insult to injury is the supercool looking Ragman which can give things dark shroud and contribute an additional -2 to ARM. ¬†The best case scenario has an enemy ‘jack target with no buffs and an effective -6 to armor up against my tuned up, redlined Driller with 3 focus! ¬†Not that that will ever happen, but it’s fun to dream.

Hmm, I guess it wasn’t such a quick post after all.

Adeptis Rahn beckons

Posted in Pictures with tags on April 2, 2011 by zexsudel

Well after spending like 30 minutes playing with the settings on my digital camera I got an “ok” shot of Adeptis Rahn before the battery died. Apparently not charging your camera for 6 months doesn’t give you much shooting time. But I did say I would get some models posted. Guess I am going getting one posted today. The model still needs to be based and sealed but the painted part is done. I wanted to give him a “glow” to his eyes, and his open mitt, which can’t be seen. Lucky turquoise ink is great for that!

House Shyeel is getting ready to roll out!